Our Book: Killing Warsaw

On November 17 we publish our next book from the Killing Warsaw series. It is titled: Killing Warsaw: The Full True Story of The City That Was to Disappear.
This book just about covers it all. It shows how much the city of Warsaw and its residents suffered under German Nazi occupation. It also shows that all of the destruction was planned before the war and that there were no accidents. The city of Warsaw was to disappear to be later reborn as a small German city of Warschau. You will see how the plan was being implemented from the first days of war, through brutal occupation, Ghetto uprising, Warsaw uprising and final and total destruction. You will see how rapidly the city’s population shrunk from 1.3 million to 1,000.

This paperback published on Amazon gives you a concise information about the Warsaw Uprising and the German reaction which resulted in nearly a total destruction of the city. So, if you are only interested in Warsaw Uprising (paper, school project) this book is all you need.

Those are the electronic versions of the books above also available on Amazon. They can be used as the electronic companions to the paperbacks or the stand alone products (ebooks).